Used Canoes

Not everyone can afford to buy a new canoe or will get enough use out of it to warrant the cost. Used canoes can be purchased from many used dealers, or personal ads as well. There are however, some setbacks to purchasing a used canoe. You obviously have no idea how much usage has been put into a used canoe, however if the used canoe is an aluminum canoe, then there are times when you can see the wear and usage that it has been through.

In other cases, on many used canoes you can tell if they have been repaired or not. Although this is not always easy, if the used canoe is looked over carefully it can be noticed in some situations. Used canoes are cheaper than buying a new one. But the used canoes have no guarantee and most of those canoes that are purchased new now, have some type of warranty or guarantee applied to them with the sale.

If you are actually in the market for a used canoe you shouldn’t be afraid to ask several questions about the canoe. The last thing you want to do is get a used canoe that has a pin hole leak because it wasn’t checked or questions were not asked about the used canoe. In some situations, if a used canoe is not all that old, and it is being sold, some former owners will actually agree to put it into the water somewhere for inspection, although not all sellers are this accommodating. This is why it is so important that questions are asked.

When it comes to a used canoe questions such as where it was stored, how many times it has been in the water, has it ever been repaired and if yes, how was it damaged, and so forth. These are all good questions a buyer might want to ask someone who is selling a used canoe.

Also, if it is possible to have the used canoe placed in the water somewhere to show that there are no critical pin hole leaks or cracks. And this is not saying put it into the water and take it right back out again. It should be for like a period of all day, or all night, whatever the case may be.

Buyers should proceed with caution when buying a used canoe, however not too cautious, because there are some used canoes that are for sale that are more than reasonably priced, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the used canoe whatsoever.