Scoring a Goal for Peace: Galilee United Soccer Team

(PRWEB) July 9, 2007

The Helen Doron Group, in conjunction with the internationally renown Arsenal Soccer Club, lends its support to a special project: an Arab-Jewish youth soccer team. Galilee United, as the team of 13 and 14 year old boys is called, represents the very best in cooperation between athletes who are neighbors, but come from different cultures and religions.

The boys, who come from 6 Jewish communities and 6 Arab and Druze communities in Northern Israel, are participating in this year’s exciting cross-cultural project which has grown in size and scope from last year, when the project was introduced.

The Helen Doron Group is excited to be a part of an initiative that gives young people the opportunity to share their love of sport, while at the same time developing new social bonds and friendships across the cultural divide. All the boys in the project socialize as a cohesive group. They play together, eat together and room communally when on tour.

Shalom Liav, from the Misgav Regional Council’s sports center, has been instrumental in leading the program since its inception, and sees a need for twinning of Arab and Jewish kids on an ongoing basis. Liav emphasized that the boys exchange emails and phone numbers and stay in contact all year around.

Their commitment to one another and their love of the game really paid off in England last year, as they qualified up to the semi-finals in Arsenal’s international youth soccer tournament. They were also selected as the team that demonstrated the “Best Sportsmanship” by their peers. This year, 24 boys, 2 from each community, have been selected to travel to London to participate in the international playoffs at the beginning of August.

Helen Doron, CEO of The Helen Doron Group commented, “We intend to be a part of this important project for years to come, as The Helen Doron Group continues to take an active part in supporting and encouraging cooperation between children of all backgrounds. We would like to implement an English immersion program for the practices and training camps, so the boys will be better prepared to communicate in the international language when abroad.”

This project continues to grow to include more participants and judging by the boys’ genuine commitment to their team and warm relations with their teammates, Galilee United is a shining example of how we can foster peace on a grassroots level.

Please click here to see a film on how Galilee United is scoring a goal for peace.

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