Real Estate in Kenya

As with any other country, Kenya has been slowly growing to become a populous country. With such increase in population, the need for real estate properties continues to boost. Moreover, given the improvements of the said country places in its tourism industry, the need for more real estate properties further increase.

Over the recent years, Kenya’s real estate sector has showed steady increase. Despite of the global recession set off by the crises in the United States of America, the sector has proven to be steadfast in its desire to reach various heights. Also, Kenya’s low property costs suggest that the country has a strong capital growth potential. Hence, both local and international investors have steadily been trying to invade the Kenyan real estate sector. Furthermore, Kenya’s annual housing demand is calculated to be at 150,000 per year. However, it only supplies only 25,000 houses per year, yielding a deficit of 125,000 units per year. This makes the Kenyan market of real estate even more desirable for investors.

The Kenyan banks, mortgage companies, and the alike, are also very supportive of its citizens’ dreams of acquiring real estate properties. It is quite easy for Kenyans to purchase real estate properties because such institutions help them finance such acquisitions.

For purposes of discussion, real estate properties in Kenya include, but are not limited to: agricultural lands, commercial lands, industrial lands, office spaces, residential dwellings, shopping complexes, and warehouses.

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