Instantgo Blog teaches you the value of the time

Today marks the official release day of The Value of Time, our company blog. The Value of Period may share the most recent news of the company along with all relevant product capabilities and new integrations we offer. That is where we see how the organization develops and will inform Instantgo’s important reports, share our ideas, experiences as being a team and fulfill its mission over time.

We’re also starting Tales, our community blog. Reports will focus on our users and discuss their personal experiences as well as how people use Instantgo everyday. You’ll get the recommendations and suggestions that find the most relevant support, people use to help make the best of their time and generate the most money. Just drop us a message here if you want to add your own personal experience about the Tales blog along with a member of all of US will happily be in effect.

The journey ahead is exciting as we might find how our ideas and setup resonate with the public. We are eager to get as much feedback that you can as well as on how we could do things ideas.

We have decided to use Channel for our official The Value of Instances blog after having reviewed about many choices on where to host our sites. We feel here is the right software for that element of our conversation. As this seems a much better choice for its purpose for Stories, we use WordPress.

These two sites can be one-channel we are going to use to share these tips as well as to better clarify our vision and thinking. We hope you want to get you as part of our community of Instantgo people and will enjoy reading our news.