Indonesia – The Property of Wonders

A number of our readers questioned why on previous event we placed articles about fighting corruption!

The solution to that might be, we define problem as being a supernatural practice that really needs to be ignored by all means.

The neighborhood good and law abiding common Indonesian people already know how corruption is chasing foreign buyers out of Indonesia, however nothing significant is performed about this by the government, though, the leader did form a new board to combat corruption but this committee is paused weak since it doesn’t have teeth or tools to executive any counter measures policy to slow down and eliminate corruption from its roots.

Actually, the immigration-related crime cases are large and it starts as soon as foreigners enter into Indonesia in the Sukarno Hatta international airport in Jakarta.

Then, there is the standard fabrication of problems to expats, then blackmail them for options, the difficulties don’t generally exist, never the less, they still find any fictional problem and then start bargaining for large sums of income from visitors to be in their odyssey.

We were subjected to a crime case in Jakarta; it was done by a group of the popular immigration office gangsters as well as a local accomplice nicknamed the black widow.

And we have managed to online video the passing over of blood money to an immigration officer who had been directed by his senior officer to get the ransom money from us to resolve a none current issue that they have created with my staff using the assistance of 1 of our previous local employees who I dare say was much more corrupt than they were.

There is a type of common knowledge in Indonesia, that’s if he’s a foreigner then its okay to dairy him from several extra bucks.

Lawyers follow suit in Australia, for if one is happy to get an English speaking attorney, one will find out that his lawyer has a tendency to become extremely sympathetic to the trigger which falls under the general information strategy stated earlier.

Beautiful Indonesia is indeed, though, avoid the boomerang… be extra careful not to drop in any kind of challenge and ensure you know a good English speaking legal consultant before you think of doing any company.

For our case, we’re still using legitimate follow up to be sure this doesn’t happen to us again…

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