How to Take Better Photos

Take a good look through your family photos. Are you happy with them? Do they look like forced poses of unhappy people? Are you seeing people without heads? Are you sure of what the subject of the photo is? Most likely, you have some of these. There are three things you should consider if you are wondering how to take better photos.
First, you need to always know exactly what or who you are taking a picture of. Know your subject. Make sure that this is the center of your photo, and that it is obvious it is the subject. Too many people just aim their cameras carelessly and snap. This often results in crappy pictures.

Second, if you are taking pictures of people, it doesn’t always have to be a posed snapshot. In fact, the best pictures are usually those that are out of the ordinary. This is especially true of children, who can be captured in perfect photos, when they don’t even know what you are doing.

Third, and this is very important, make sure that you have the entire subject in the viewfinder before you push the button. When have you ever saw a picture of someone with half a head and thought, “Now that is a good photo.” ? More than likely, you haven’t.

if you remember these simple things, you will get some great results. You will have photos in your family album, that you are proud to share. Furthermore, you will have the ability to say that you took them yourself.