Healing With A More Natural Approach

For many, it can be a constant battle to stay in the best of health. For most of us, the culprits are relatively minor but determined enemies; the cold, the flu, sinus infections, allergies, headaches. These foes rob us of weeks throughout our lifetimes, keeping us at home in bed instead of at work, or out enjoying a beautiful day. They cost us money, sending us to our doctors for checkups, antibiotics, and pain medicine.

While some ailments definitely need the help of a physician to address properly, wouldn’t it be nice if the smaller issues that take us out of commission every once in awhile could be healed in a gentle, natural, and effective way? Even physicians are beginning to think so, and are growing reluctant to keep prescribing antibiotics for repeated illnesses like strep throat, ear infections, and urinary tract infections. A person may be overly susceptible to one type of illness, and even with a course of antibiotics, see the infection return in months, or even weeks. Use of an antibiotic for each infection will gradually boost the body’s immunity to the antibiotic, eventually rendering it ineffective. In cases like these, a natural approach may be a better and more long lasting solution.

There’s an ever-growing market for naturopathic medicine, or the art of healing the body naturally. You may think this sounds like a scam of some sorts, but naturopaths are licensed medical practitioners, and some are even MD’s. It’s a legitimate scientific field of study that uses holistic approaches such as homeopathy, acupuncture and acupressure, medicinal herbs, and even massage to heal ailments. Eastern medicine has been using these remedies for centuries, and the West is beginning to catch on to their mysterious healing power.

Naturopathic doctors use these techniques along with traditional medicine and surgery; nobody is claiming cancer can be cured with green tea rather than chemotherapy. But, for many, not only the end result of recovering from an illness, but the process, is made easier by going the naturopathic route. If you think you might benefit from consulting a naturopath, look for a Naturopathic MD, who will give you the best of both worlds in your course of treatment.