Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Highlighting the Differences

Attorney Craig Trenton is often asked about the difference between filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego and filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Trenton recently addressed this on San Diego Bankruptcy Blog, the blog section of his website, which can be found at The difference between filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 is such a common question in Trentons industry that he recently decided to write a post highlighting some of the differences.

When asked about some of the common differences between filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy vs. Chapter 13, Trenton answered, Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops foreclosure proceedings, giving the homeowner a chance to save their home. On the other hand, Chapter 7 can possibly save a home by wiping out other debts allowing the homeowner to focus on the home. This answer was featured in an interview with Trenton on the popular consumer advocate website and twitter feed for Banking Bad.

Once an individual files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Diego, creditors cannot begin or continue any legal action against the debtor. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy code can give an individual a fresh start by discharging certain debts. Trenton can outline these details for California residents interested in finding out if filing for bankruptcy in San Diego can be useful in their particular situations.

When asked specifically about filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Trenton replied, A Chapter 13 bankruptcy restructures debt, helping the debtor [make] their financial liability current and significantly reducing the payments. This is often useful to people who have had situations in life that overwhelmed them, and who are looking to regain their financial stability.

About Banking Bad:

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About Craig Trenton:

Craig Trenton has been in solo legal practice for over twenty years. During this time, Trenton has opened four offices throughout the West, including offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, and Arizona that specialize solely in bankruptcy. Trenton is a native San Diegan, who grew up in the coastal areas of San Diego and graduated from University of California, San Diego. He went on to attend California Western School of Law before becoming a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer.

Although Trentons main office deals with bankruptcy in San Diego, he started his California Chapter 13 website to help people seeking bankruptcy in San Diego to get the help they need. Trenton also hosts the popular California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy website.