Donald Trump’s Personal Life Biography!

Ever since he announced his intention to run for the president, Donald Trump’s media attraction has been growing with every passing day. He has always been famous for his massive real – estate projects and leadership skills, but it seems that nowadays all we can hear or read about, is Donald Trump.

Trump’s childhood is filled with unordinary tasks, as he has been sent to the New York Military Academy, by his parents, ever since he was 13, where he proved to be a born manager and disciplinarian.

However, Donald Trump’s education didn’t finish here. He also went to the Fordham University for 2 years, after which he went to the Wharton School of Finance, from where he graduated in 1968.

Trump was born and has lived almost all of his life in New York. He is the fourth out of five children to Frederick and Mary Anne Trump.

When he was in college, he simultaneously worked in his father’s real – estate company, Elisabeth Trump and Son, where not only did he learn a lot about the tricks to a good business project, but he also made his very first successful moves with real – estate.

Trump moved to a studio apartment in Manhattan, in 1971 in order to get involved into much bigger projects.

Donald Trump’s marriages and children

Trump has always been known to have lived life to its fullest, and that goes also for his love life. Namely, he has been married three times and has five kids, three sons and two daughters.

Trump’s first marriage was with Ivana Trump, a former model, with whom he has his first three kids, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. Trump. The marriage lasted from 1977 till 1992.

His second marriage was with Marla Maples, allegedly the mistress from his first marriage, with whom he has a daughter, Tiffany Trump. This marriage didn’t last too long, i.e. from 1993 till 1999.

Trump’s third and ongoing marriage was concluded in 2005, in Palm Beach, Florida, with MelaniaKnauss, with whom he has his son, Barron Trump.

A very interesting information about him that not a lot of people know is that he has been known to have been a teetotaler all of his life and he has never smoked nor done any drugs ether.

Trump is a businessman and for his free time, if he has any, he likes playing golf. Namely, he owns some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful golf courses.

Donald Trump’s personal property

It is not a hidden fact that he has built some of the biggest and most massive buildings all over the world, especially in New York City, so it’s needless to say that he also owns a large number of mansions, apartments, houses and other real-estate properties. Here are some of them:


  • Trump built the Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Ave. He sold all of the apartments, some to business people who need offices and some are luxurious homes, but, he has also kept a “few” for himself. 40 apartments to be exact, which he now rents, and some of them for up to 100,000 USD a month.
  • The Mar-A-Lago is also one of his much prized palaces in Palm Beach.
  • Trump owns his very own penthouse, which of course, is located in the Trump Tower.
  • He also owns the Seven Spring, which is agrand private summer retreat in Bedford, N.Y